Sunshine: caring for pets since 1960

  • One Size Does NOT Fit All!

    When it comes to your diet, one size does NOT fit all. So why treat your pets any differently? With so much hype in the media over grain-free this and raw-diets that, sometimes it’s hard to distinct trends from the facts.

    Here at Sunshine Mills we never trade integrity for fads. That’s why for more than 50 years, Sunshine Mills has proudly served carefully designed dog food and treats that fit the needs of ..Read More

  • Thanksgiving Foods That are Hazardous to Dogs

    The Holiday Season is right around the corner and you know what that means—tons of yummy treats! With turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie filling your plate, it’s tempting to also delight your pup with a few of the scraps! However, not all leftovers are safe for your pet’s health. But don’t worry; Sunshine Mills is here to help! Read on to find out a few foods you should absolutely avoid serving your dogs during the holiday..Read More

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