Sunshine: caring for pets since 1960

  • Why Does It Matter What I Feed My Pet?

    With so many brands vying for your attention, does it really matter what you should feed your pet? Wouldn’t it be so much easier just to buy the cheapest option and feed them that?

    Simply put, it does matter what you feed your pets.

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  • 10 Signs You're a Cat Owner

    Let’s face it, we don’t own cats, cats own us.

    We love these crazy, fluffy, obnoxious, scattered animals so much, and many people who don’t own cats just don’t get it. People who don’t own cats don’t know what it’s like to hear them running around the house at 3 AM, to find them in the strangest places, or to be woken up by their purring every morning. So here’s to you, cat owner, and some things you understand, but other people might not.

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