Winter Adventures with Your Dog

Winter is here, let the snowy fun begin! As the temperature drops, don’t let your adventures stop. It’s true, there are a few more things to consider when it comes to being active with your dog in the winter, but with our tips and tricks, you’ll be confidently out the door in no time and prepared for anything.

1. Choose your trail wisely.

You may live for fresh powder, but be sure to take your dog’s needs into account. Dogs will jump to stay above powder deeper than their chest, but after an extended amount of time in these conditions, dogs will become exhausted. Be sure to pick winter terrain that has a variety of surfaces to keep your dog engaged and safe.

2. Make sure your dog is getting enough calories.

Did you know that dogs typically consume more calories when the temperatures are colder? In addition to what they typically burn, their bodies are working extra hard to stay warm, especially during extended periods of time outside in cold weather. Looking for a super premium food that meets all your pup’s nutrient needs? Try our Free Spirit line of dog food.

3. We’re not the only ones that need protective footwear.

Not only does the winter bring cooler ground temperatures, it also brings salty streets and ice, all of which can injure or irritate the pads of your pup’s paws. To avoid these common winter injuries, make sure their paws are protected. You can find some of our favorite winter booties here.

4. Layer up!

Some dogs live for mountains, snow, and single-digit-temperatures. But unless your dog is one of these breeds, chances are they’ll need a little extra help maintaining their core temperature as those cold fronts start to blow in. Insulated jackets can give your dog’s coat the added warmth it needs.

5. Try something new.

A new season means new activities, right? You’ve got the trail running down, but have you ever tried skijoring? Skijoring is a fun activity that a variety of dog breeds can participate in! A lead is attached to a dog’s pulling harness and you follow along on cross country skis, being pulled by your pup. Sounds like the ultimate cure for cabin fever, if you ask us.

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